Twofold is a visual novel chronicling the struggles of a college student coping with his own uninspiring life, lack of motivation, and ambition to do more than is asked of him.

When presented with failure due to his own laziness, Oliver Penn realizes something has to change. As a result, he ends up getting much more than he bargained for.

What's Twofold?

Self-centered and lazy, Oliver Penn is on the verge of flunking out of his community college. Finding himself with his back to the wall, he learns that his only chance at salvaging this bleak situation is to rely on one of two girls: the hyperactive artist with no volume control, Caprice Shiften, or the overbearing writer, Millie Clarke. To make matters worse, Oliver finds himself pushed by a mutual friend into the giant conflict that recently tore the two friends apart.

While trying his best to help the person who helped save his college career, Oliver finds himself constantly at odds with his own personality. While he's a natural at giving hard facts about what people are doing wrong, he's often at fault for being the same way. Normally this wouldn't bother him, but when the girl he's trying to help throws his advice back in his face, he decides to endeavor to improve further than simply being a better student and half-tolerable human being. His only worry becomes whether he won't crumble under the pressure of having even more at stake now that he's become invested in the people he once thought of poorly.

A story told from two perspectives, Twofold chronicles the story of a college student caught in the crossfire of a very personal feud while trying to stay afloat academically.


Oliver Penn Hayley Curah Millie Clarke Caprice Shiften

Oliver Penn

5'9", 175 cm
December 23rd

There are many words that could be used to describe Oliver, most of them bad. Lazy, selfish, and quick to deflect blame onto others, Oliver is far from what most would consider an enjoyable person to be around.

For the most part, Oliver is more than happy to return the sentiment. His anti-social habits had him signing up for online classes for his first semester of college, which he promptly ended up blowing off. Now he finds himself in a dire situation: at risk of dropping out of a community college (of all things!) and having to deal with everyone on campus while struggling to save himself.

What scares him most about his situation, though he won't readily admit it, is how his mother’s opinion of him would be affected by this. Despite his sour personality, she still keeps Oliver close and is convinced that he’s just “going through a rough time.” Losing the respect of his mother and having to cope with the shame of failing out of the lowest form of higher education is enough to motivate him to get his life straight.