Twofold is a visual novel chronicling the struggles of a college student coping with his own uninspiring life, lack of motivation, and ambition to do more than is asked of him.

When presented with failure due to his own laziness, Oliver Penn realizes something has to change. As a result, he ends up getting much more than he bargained for.

What's Twofold?

Twofold is a visual novel about arrivals and departures. A story about falling apart and coming together.

Oliver Penn has always tried to push through life with as little help as possible, not wanting to be a burden on anyone, especially his single mother. However, when the toll of work and school comes to be too much, he finds himself needing to ask for help in his classes.

An opportunity arises in the form of two possible lifelines: Caprice, a sprightly artist; and Millie, an earnest writer. When Oliver ends up between these two girls, though, he finds he's stepped in the middle of families in the midst of shift.


Oliver Penn Hayley Curah Millie Clarke Caprice Shiften

Oliver Penn

5'9", 175 cm
February 22nd

Cynical to a fault, Oliver lacks much in the way of friends, with only his sense of self-reliance to help him push through life until now. His sense of responsibility also extends to ensuring he isn't a burden on his mother, the two working in the same diner. College life never quite came naturally to Oliver, a fact which now looms over him as his graduation appears more and more doubtful.

His results, not to mention his pride, also haven't been helped by the many hours spent working as kitchenhand to pay the bills. Having put his life's worries to one side of the sake of others, Oliver must now take charge of his life.